Hey there!  I’m Jasmine Cianflone, Owner, Principal Planner and Lead Designer of This Moment Events, LLC.  I grew up in Woodbridge, New Jersey, and I went to Rutgers University.  I love weddings, I love celebrations, and I love happy people in love!  I love pretty paper, grosgrain ribbon, craft stores, office supplies, and bubbly (Prosecco, Champagne, you name it, I’m drinking it).  I am into yoga, juicing, and remembering to breathe and be present in the moments.  I’m a Unitarian Universalist, and my faith helps guide my life and what I do with my business.  My sorority nickname was Martha Stewart.  One of my many joys comes from creating order out of chaos.  I’m a mom to my two gorgeous boys, and a wife to my handsome techie husband, and my family is my greatest treasure.  I believe that everyone can and should have access to the good life on their own terms- we just have to have the courage to go get it!

I have a big heart, and I love helping couples create the day they’ve always envisioned as the first day of their new family’s life.  I’m one half of an interracial marriage (my hubby Joe is Italian-American), and I’m keenly aware of the challenges interracial and multicultural couples can face when planning their weddings and their family lives.

I truly believe that all couples deserve top-notch, hands-on professional help with their big day.  And I’m one planner who will encourage you to find YOUR ideal vision. I am not into cookie cutter weddings, and I don’t expect you to be either.  Planning your wedding is a journey- you grow, you learn a lot about yourself, your family and your fiance.  When you’re knee deep in ribbon and card stock, your mother-in-law has seemingly lost her mind, and your brain is swimming with shades of blue (or purple or yellow), sometimes you need help remembering the why of it all.  That’s why I’m here – to help you bring your vision to life, help you leave your stamp on it, and help you stay sane in the process.  Trust me, it’s a wild ride, and it’s going to be over in a flash.  I’m here to help YOU be present in your moment, because life is a celebration!