Announcing: TME Moved! Our new home in Princeton!

You guys!! I am so excited to share this with you. We have an office space!

This month, we moved into our new home in Princeton NJ. I cannot wait to meet you there!

Also, we're hosting via Facebook Live, a monthly Ask TME Anything Series. The first one is scheduled for Wednesday, May 31 at 1:30 pm.

Submit your questions to or live on the event page. See you there!

Your Guide to Wedding Stationery, Start To Finish - with Basic Invite

Your Guide to Wedding Stationery, Start To Finish - with Basic Invite

If you are getting ready for your wedding festivities and are wondering what exactly goes into wedding stationery… I have answers! Lucky for you, I teamed up with Basic Invite just in time for wedding season to kick off! They let me in on what wedding stationery you will need start to finish.

Don't Hire your Wedding Day Manager until you Read These Tips

Don't Hire your Wedding Day Manager until you Read These Tips

So your wedding day is fast approaching, and you realize that you can’t actually play planner while you’re supposed to be getting married. Time to find a wedding day manager! When your planning process is almost done, these pros sweep in, check that all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, so that you can have an amazing and stress free wedding day.

A wedding day mananger (sometimes called a day of coordinator, or simply, a wedding coordinator) is someone who helps tie up loose ends toward the end of your engagement period. They usually get involved between 6 weeks and 3 months beforehand, go over all of your wedding day details with a fine toothed comb and check for potential problems before they arise.

The Five Essential To-Dos you Forgot to Put on Your Wedding Planning List

The Five Essential To-Dos you Forgot to Put on Your Wedding Planning List

Planning a wedding and feeling like you might be forgetting something? With all of the details that go into planning a wedding, it is almost guaranteed that something will slip through the cracks, especially if you're doing it all yourself! Today I wanted to share five things that I've found essential to a successful wedding day, and that most couples tend to overlook, and how to get them done!

Your Wedding is NOT a Competition. Period.

It's Wedding Wednesday! And time for another #TMETip!

This one is a core part of the TME philosophy.  Your wedding is NOT a competition. Period, point blank, end of story.

Weddings are fun, and weddings are pretty.  Weddings are a great opportunity for friends and family who haven't seen each other in years to get together and spend time reminiscing about old memories and making a few new ones.  Your wedding is a great place for you and your fiance to showcase who you are and tell your story.

One thing your wedding is not, and never should be, is a competition. Let me repeat that for the people in the back. Your wedding is NOT a competition. It's not about doing it better than your cousin or your sister or your co-worker's best friend. It's not about impressing your father's boss. It's not about outspending your neighbors. As a planner, I see a lot of couples get caught up in the "This will be the most amazing _____ they've ever seen! So and so will be so jealous!" It's not about that.  It's a wedding. It's about getting married, and love and family.

There is a popular wedding reality show, that happens to be filmed in New Jersey a LOT. I've been contacted to submit couples to this show- and I never have. I don't even ask my couples about their opinion of it. Why? Wouldn't it be great publicity? Maybe, but my couples' weddings are not about me.  And I do not like the premise of having brides compare themselves to each other. Especially not on a day that is already fraught with emotion and tensions about what other people think. I just can't get into the idea of people judging someone's day like that. If the guests had a good time, and the couple had a great time, then it was a success, no?  There is something fundamentally wrong, in my opinion, with a media outlet that encourages women to judge each other. That liminal moment of becoming "wife" is so important to the formation of a new family- and I think women need and deserve support from other women in the same space as opposed to judgement.

It is hard to escape the temptation to compare your wedding to others- but you have to resist it. For your own sanity. Social media is a great place to find inspiration and ideas (I'm looking at you Pinterest!) and it's a wonderful place to connect with people - but don't be so quick to grab likes, and re-pins that you forget the whole point.  It is not about what other people think- it is about you, your fiance and your love.  Remember, comparison is the thief of joy.  Do not stress over the must haves and have tos. Keep the love and the celebration in focus, and you'll be just fine.  If it works for you, go for it, and I give you complete permission to forget the naysayers.

'Til next time- Keep Celebrating!

Note: This post is a re-write of one I did back in January 2014. I liked it so much I edited it for you. Enjoy!

SERIES: 5 Causes of Wedding Planning Stress - Part 4

Welcome Back! We're on Part 4 of the secret causes of wedding planning stress. We've already been through expectations of perfection, not knowing what you really want, and dealing with everyone else's expectations. This one is a doozy, because it can blindside you. It can mess with the foundations of the entire REASON for this celebration! 

Fourth Major Stress Point: Ignoring Your Fiancé 

It’s really easy to get caught up in planning out your ideas for the wedding and ignore the fact that your other half has a say too, but that can only lead to one thing- a grumpy fiancé. Many couples experience an increased incidence of pre-marital spats as the planning progresses, and that can lead to all kinds of stress. Don’t let this cause you to second guess- your partner's probably just feeling a little lonely! It’s important to remember that the day is about *both* of you. If you're handling the bulk of the planning, you can tend to get giddy over teeny details… 

Instead of forgetting all about your fiance's input, ask what they think! Include them in all the major decisions- otherwise, they're liable to think you’re more interested in the wedding than in them! And of course that’s not true, but if you’re gushing more over the custom ribbon that just came in than you have over him lately- you can’t blame him!

If he has concerns regarding something wedding-related, hear him out. Listening is an important skill to cultivate for the future.

Set aside time for the two of you to be together sans wedding planning. Go out to dinner (or cook together if you’re budgeting), go for a walk, watch a movie and just be together. It will help you remember why you’re getting married in the first place!

SERIES: 5 Causes of Wedding Planning Stress - Part 3

SERIES: 5 Causes of Wedding Planning Stress - Part 3

Time for part 3 of our series!  We've already covered Not knowing what you want, dealing with everyone else's expectations. Today we're chatting about the idea of perfection. It's touted by well meaning people, within and outside of the wedding industry, but I'm sad to say, it doesn't really exist. So how do you handle it?