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You guys know how I have a crazy obsession withe the traditions of other cultures. Well last year, I got the opportunity to work with an amazing couple who blended their Japanese, Korean and Persian cultures into a truly gorgeous celebration. One of the great features of this wedding was a Paebaek ceremony.  The Paebaek is a Korean traditional ceremony, that was usually held in the days after the wedding.  Modern Korean weddings feature the ceremony after the reception.  Originally, it was meant to introduce bride to the groom's family. Paebaek Jasna Polana Wedding This Moment Events


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Paebaek Ceremony, TPC Jasna Polana princeton nj weddings this moment events


The ceremony takes place in front of a colorful screen, with a gorgeous spread of traditional foods laid out on mat.  The couple wears traditional garb, and bows deeply in greeting to the older couple seated before them. The bride offers dates and chestnuts to the groom's parents. These treats symbolize a fertile future for the couple (read: babies!).  The couple then shares wine or tea with their parents. The older couple gives words of advice for a successful marriage, and then tosses the chestnuts at the bride for her to catch in her skirt. Tradition states that the number of chestnuts she snags equals the number of kids the couple will have.

I honestly love this tradition, and I love how our couple modernized it by greeting both sets of parents, and by holding the ceremony during cocktail hour, thus including all of their honored guests!

What do you think? Would you include a Paebaek or similar ceremony in your wedding?