Fabulous Fall Inspiration - Three takes

I had such a blast working with our October couple looking for inspiration for their Fall-themed wedding.  It is kind of amazing how many options a single season can give you. And that's really true of any season. Check out our inspiration boards (compiled on Pinterest and collaged with Picasa). I thought it would be fun to give them three different takes on a Fall themed wedding.  Their venue is in the woods and our bride LOVES pumpkins. So my first choice was a more rustic Down Home Fall wedding. Think apple cider, pumpkin donuts, fall leaves and pumpkins everywhere - more casual, like a family picnic feeling. Down Home Fall Wedding


Next I explored the idea of an enchanted forest - the couple had used that word a lot when describing how they wanted their wedding to feel.  I chose images with tall centerpieces, tons of gold and candlelight, and a lush floral feeling.


Finally, we explored the modern option, since the groom has a love of James Bond- this was more clean lines, but still keeping with the fall feeling, with the addition of apples and some understated pumpkins.



It is so hard to say which one of these would be my choice. I have a soft spot for Fall.  Its my absolute favorite eason.  I do know which one they chose, but I am not spilling yet!!  The wedding is coming up next weekend and I'll be Instagramming on scene - I am super excited to reveal how everything comes out - do expect gilded pumpkins to make an appearance!

With sparkle and soul,

Keep celebrating!